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At the height of his TV career, Chuck Barris was recruited by the CIA and trained to become a covert operative. : I wouldn't want to live his life because he hasn't been happy all of his life.

All I think is if you can find work, stay healthy, find somebody to share it with, you're the ultimate success.

What do you expect from a screenplay written by Charlie Kaufmann?

On the other hand, Chuck was quick to point out the bits that the film's screenwriter Charlie Kaufman made up. Even after years of scorn, Chuck wrote a sequel entitled 'Bad Grass Never Dies' in 2004.

Naturally, there has been a lot of dispute over the claims in the book and just how much of it was true.

Of course, one has to ask why a former intelligence agent would confess to such activities with the risk of arrest and/or execution if they were true. He writes such good stuff.'His appreciation for the fabricated parts of the story only serves to go against the idea that Chuck really was working for the CIA.

The controversy surrounding the show – multiple couples would engage in cringe-worthy real fights over the sexually suggestive questions – forced it off the air within five months of its debut; three more of Barris' shows, including The Gong Show, would soon be canceled in 1980, with Barris later blaming Three's a Crowd for the viewer revolt against his programming. "If I died, I wouldn't be surprised if an obituary says, 'Gonged.

By the Eighties, Barris retreated from television production and hosting, even as his properties – including Three's a Crowd – experienced revivals in the cable era."I went nuts up there on the stage to a point where it was pitiful.


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