Grails not updating database

At the time of writing, the versions I’ll be talking about are PHP 5.3/PHP 5.4 and Ruby on Rails 3.2 (running on Ruby 1.9.3). While some may get hung up over trying to compare the two and may balk at the title of the article, this is a legitimate question that many developers ask. Both are here to stay and play important roles in the global web development industry.The context of this post is comparing the two specifically for web development. Many developers want to know what are the benefits/shortcomings of both ecosystems and genuinely just want a clear answer. In many cases, yes you can just boil it down to a preference. What I absolutely love about PHP is its simplicity and relatively shallow learning curve.

The data-binding implementation is nice, and, in general, the amount of boilerplate code you have to write is very limited.

Interaction with the Git runtime is performed by the use of the Git Client Plugin, which is only tested on official git client. At the project level the Git Plugin is configured by selecting the Git option at the Source Code Management section.

The main section is Repositories where several can be configured. A Repository Browser can also be configured, which adds links in "changes" views within Jenkins to an external system for browsing the details of those changes. Resource Controller.execute(Resource at hudson.model. Installing the plugin itself works like a charm but configuring the system to work properly under Windows can be a bit tricky. By default, the Jenkins Windows installer sets up Jenkins to run as a service on Windows, which runs as the “Local System account”, NOT your user account.

Please refer to the online help of each of the additional options for further information. ", which would populate the remote server info in your ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

Started by user anonymous Checkout:workspace / C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.hudson\jobs\watir\workspace - hudson.remoting. Even with proper SSH keys set up for the Jenkins user, if you don't have a properly configured ~/.ssh/known_hosts, the build will still hang.


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