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A couple years later they are seen as online chatting buds along with Marucho, Alice, Julie, and Shun.

Their parents then send them out to go get some meat because of a big sale day.

Not because we’re old farts (which we’re not); more likely because Pokemon gives us an adequate fix of otherworldly-creatures-in-a-ball action.

Okay, that’s probably drastically oversimplifying the whole Bakugan concept, but certainly for newcomers that’s what it feels like.

She is a master of direct attacks and uses Earth attributes in battle.

After losing Drago to Spectra in episode 16, his determination to get him back pays off as he and Drago reunite in episode 18.

At the end of episode 19, he and Baron go back to New Vestroia through Dr. In episode 20 he and Baron make it back to New Vestroia where they battle Mylene and Shadow in Beta City where they defeat them when Drago unleashes the power of the Perfect Core.

Step 5: Tape onto front part and bottom on sides with both pieces of paper until secure.

We’ll have to be honest and admit that Bakugan has passed us by.


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