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Qualitative study using semistructured focus groups among adult members of Somali communities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth who volunteered to attend focus groups in January and December 2010.Main outcome measures: Nineteen focus groups included 114 participants.Known as "Najma", the woman reported to police that two Nauruan men had dragged her into the bushes and raped her.She said it took the Nauruan police four hours to arrive.Chatting women sitting outside makeshift homes at night is a new scene in a once-dark refugee camp in the Somali capital.

But in an extraordinary breach of privacy, the real name of the alleged rape victim has been released by the Nauruan government's Australian PR agent.Now the government of Nauru has issued a press release stating that a full investigation has been conducted into the alleged rape.It said the inquiries by police at the scene found no evidence of the victim's clothes being ripped or shredded, and no visible cuts or abrasions.Around a dozen men are stretched out on the grass, others sit on the benches chatting, or simply basking in the sunshine. Whilst those caught in possession will first receive a warning then for a second offence a fine starting at £60, the ultimate sanction of supplying the newly designated class C drug could be 14 years in prison.After about an hour the effects of the khat start to cut in – it is a subtle combination not unlike a gin and tonic mixed with a double espresso. The communities are divided over whether the ban, implemented by Home Secretary Theresa May despite experts on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs concluding there was little social or medical harm resulting from its use.Women living in Mogadishu's hundreds of refugee camps often stay and don't use communal bathrooms at home at night because of the threat men armed with knives and guns pose to them.


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